Delhi Action Novel By A Hameed Commando Series Part 5

Abdul Hameed was born on 29 April 1928. He was a most popular urdu fiction writer from pakistan who has written more than 200 hundred urdu books. He completed his secondry education in Amristar/India.Then he migrated to pakistan after the partition of subcontinental. He joined the Radio Pakistan as the script editor . Several years of working he joined the Voice Of America. A Hameed has written most popular books like , Urdu Sheer Ki Dastan, Urdu Nasar Ki Dastan , Mirza Ghalib , Dastango Ashfaq Ahmed And Mirza Ghalib Lahore Mein are his famous books. I also want to mentioned that the Tv drama Ainak Wala Jin's script was also written by the pen of Abdul Hameed. A Hameed died on 29 April, 2011 at the age of 83. A Hameed Urdu Books and Urdu Novels are very much popular in readers.

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